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Made in 7 days.

The Sorta Prequel to Midnight Ultra. Play as twin gunslingers collecting treasures for a particularly suspicous taco chef in Xerocotul. Levels are procedurally generated, where exits are generated once the 3 treasures are found.


  • WASD to move
  • Space to jump, hold or press again to double jump. Keep holding to bunnyhop on the ground
  • Mouse 1 to fire your gun or swing your sword.
  • Mouse 2 to block in the direction you're looking when using your sword
  • Q to swap between your sword and gun
  • F to swap to your partner
  • E to talk to coyote and snake

As of yet, very limited. Single level, lots of placeholder stuff. There are 3 "treasures" to collect right now.


  • Your partner is both a friendly AI that helps you fight, and your extra life. Swap when you like.
  • There are 7 different unique enemies
  • Levels are procedurally generated

Save progress by reaching new campfires, where you'll respawn with full health and ammo if you die. Your partner will also respawn there if they died.

The coyote will give useful information as to where the treasures are located. The snake  will allow you to restart and generate a new level.

Damage the big, tall dark knights in the back to kill them.

For the floating character that shoots homing orbs - hit the orb to damage that enemy.

Will eventually get new updates that include more rooms.


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