The Devil's Path Update is now live! Full patch notes included below:

Journey to the Catskill mountains, home to a meteor impact crater and the Devil's Path. After the events of Midnight Ultra's main story, you've biked your way across the country to unravel the last secrets guarded here...

This FREE update adds several sorely needed improvements, and a helping of new content!

  • Mac and Linux support (apologies, we had to make them .7z files to fit onto the standard way) - since we are relatively new to this, please let us know ASAP if you encounter any problems here, via the forums or by emailing us directly at
  • Added New Ranged Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle - right click to zoom, this rifle does twice the damage of the Revolver!
  • Added New Melee Weapon: Occult Spell - this familiar spell will allow you to lob occult magic at enemies from a distance, even when you're out of ammo! It doesn't hurt much though...
  • Added New Campaign: Devil's Path - fight your way through three new levels, and a two-part boss battle.
  • Added 6 new enemies and variants:
  • Sniper: Fires a large, fast moving projectile from long distances, but doesn't fire often.
  • Yeti: Charges at the player at high speed out of the haze!
  • Shotgunner: A large, bulky man with a shotgun that fires 5 slow-moving, hazardous projectiles in a spread.
  • Thunderbird: A large bird that patrols the map through the skies, harassing you as you jump between crevices and mountain peaks.
  • ???: A weird, tentacled growth that spews energy balls at you - make some strange chirping noises...
  • Eyeball: An enormous, very angry and very evil eye with a hazardous gaze.
  • Added 10 New Themes - these are unlocked at start, so you can get to using them right away!
  • Reworked audio and animation for all weapons, as well as new hit audio.
  • Updated ammo consumption to accurately reflect ammo consumed by the player in the HUD - each shot consumes one ammo.
  • Added gore effects to all enemies
  • Added bullet tracer effects
  • Added bullet holes and bullet impacts
  • Updated player footstep audio
  • Reworked melee attacks - all melee attacks are now longer and wider range, better timed with attack animations, incur slight knockback on enemies, and can even knock them off the map to their deaths. All melee attacks are now also higher damage.
  • Fixed weapons firing a shot when unpausing the game
  • Added mouse sensitivity options
  • Added mouse X and Y axis inversion options
  • Added custom crosshair size options
  • Added audio mixing options for changing the volume of music, environment, player effects, and external sound effects.
  • Updated the credits to include the option to watch either set of credits - for the main game, or the DLC.

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Apr 25, 2018
Midnight_Ultra_Mac.7z 715 MB
Apr 25, 2018
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Apr 25, 2018


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