0.68 Update - New Level, Tutorial, Controller Support, 3 Enemies, Story Updates, lots of fixes!

Now that Steam Stealth Fest has concluded, we're merging all the updates back into the main beta here on itch.io. For all of you that checked out the demo on Steam and threw it on your wishlist, thank you! It helps a lot when it comes to launching the game. For those who waited, I appreciate your patience waiting for this a whole week and a half. The video above goes over most of the major gameplay changes.

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Here's the huge list of updates and fixes:

New Content:

  • Burgle the Architect in a new Story level: the man responsible for Keepsake County’s strange, maze-like homes who lives on the edge of a muddy, swampy lake across from a guest house. Why’s he so paranoid? And why does he keep looking up at the sky?
    • Comes with 5 discoverable documents, a new Keepsake, and 10 new pieces of loot (plus a new piece of loot with variations).
    • New Lakeside Biome: Mud and foliage cover is spread along the shore, while the majority of the map is covered in water, which slows both the player and the Car. Players make noise while wading unless they crouch or stand still.
  • New Enemy: Dodge the Pizza Guy, whose delicious pizza brings everyone out for a slice, and bumbles back to his truck. If caught by the Pizza Guy, he calls the cops 30 seconds after leaving.
  • New Enemy: Hounds attract everyone to burglars that spend too much time outside.
  • New Enemy: Evade the Detective, who’ll capitalize on any and all mistakes you make. The Detective is now the first set of reinforcements called by the Cops, and he will call an additional pair of Cops if you evade him after he is alerted.
  • Completely redesigned the Tutorial to be a linear experience showcasing all the mechanics and enemies, while allowing players to quit after learning the absolute basics.
    • The tutorial now leads directly into the Babysitter heist, the intended first heist of the game. No more getting perks for finishing the tutorial!
  • Mantling means you’re more acrobatic than ever, allowing you to clamber up pipes and vents with ease.
  • Twitch Integration, where viewers can prank the streamer by calling the Cops, Pizza Guy, or Detective - or warp them across the map. But they can also reward them with secret safes, and tools like keys and ties!
  • Loaded with more story than ever, we’ve added newspapers and a whole refreshing (and gutbusting) set of voices for our characters, with midwestern goodness. Newspapers have been added for The Babysitter, The Trucker, and The Architect.
  • Eating: Players can now eat to consume an item in front of them, even if their bag is full, and get their health back if hurt. This includes most food items, except for potato chips.

Improvements across the board include:

  • Hot Items no longer has any connection to time. The Hot Items penalty only occurs when the cops arrive, if the player has extracted after the Midnight Bonus window has expired.
  • Cops already spawned at the start of a level (the Architect) do not incur a Hot Items penalty. Those called during gameplay do.
  • Fixed major interaction issues related to distance - players should no longer have trouble lockpicking or grabbing items they're directly in front of.
  • Dawn no longer looks washed-out and bright, and instead matches Sunset.
  • Fixed doors swinging in the wrong direction when opened - they will now always open away from the player.
  • Throwing of items now occurs from the angle the player is looking at, preventing most bizarre throwing situations and making it easier to aim throws. Throwing strength is now a bit higher by default.
  • Far tighter controls for both the player and their car. Both should control better on slopes, while the Car should accelerate faster, brake faster, and reverse faster.
  • AI awareness has increased, as well as field of view, though lowered a bit up close, and increased a bit at a distance. Overall AI are mostly smarter.
    • Fixed AI not being alerted by seeing the player driving the Car
  • AI now move at running speed when hearing a loud noise, rather than weirdly accelerating when getting close but otherwise not being alarmed.
  • Polish to menus, sound, and animations.
  • The breaker can now be flipped using any tool, and does not require the wirecutters.
  • Tooltips for basic actions, and things that are a bit unconventional (flipping the breaker, getting in the car, doorbells, stereos, TVs, cutting alarm clock wires).
  • Basic, partial controller support has been added. Though not functional in menus, it works for the player and car.
  • Players can now steal the Alarm sign outside of houses.
  • Light beams added to certain vehicles.
  • Guns now have tracers attached.
  • Fixed foliage, collision blocking view of the Player's arms during gameplay.
  • The extraction area now has a tooltip reminding players that they need to be in their car.
  • Players can now pick up additional keys, even if their bag is full. The limit for carried keys is still 4 - any extras simply become loot.
  • Peekable objects now have an Eye icon attached.
  • AI now use a wide variation of voicelines for all their actions, rather than repeating the exact same one.
  • Basic 16:9 aspect ratio letterboxing is now enforced on all platforms, regardless of actual aspect ratio.
  • Updated credits with latest information

Bugs fixes and gameplay changes include:

  • Fixed a strange instance where a crutch and casserole were always perched on the back porch of Apricot Estates
  • Reduced processor load from cops spawning due to large quantity of enormous dynamic lights
  • Fixed items spawning partially submerged in the Staircase room
  • Lowered excessive volume of mud footsteps.
  • Lowered the height of grass on The Trucker, where people thought they were concealed but were not.
  • Suspicious actions of all kinds now despawn over time - you will not suddenly be caught by a door you lockpicked 20 minutes ago.
  • Fine tuned pipe collision on one of the porch variants
  • Fixed several instances of AI getting stuck on chairs
  • Fixed tools visibly switching while paused
  • The lockpicking sound now stops playing if the player is not actively lockpicking
  • Fixed not being able to click while in the post-arrest menu.
  • Fixed being able to simply walk out of bounds by walking through the extraction area.
  • Fixed the pause menu's arm being cut off.
  • Fixed an exception where Aggressive AI would bug out after calling the police due to an inability to change states, or not calling the police at all.
  • Shrank a Foyer room variant to allow more room for AI to navigate to the phone
  • Fixed most instances of Voicelines overlapping
  • Fixed hearing footsteps while driving the car
  • Fixed being able to launch the car/be launched by the car when the car is parked
  • Fixed certain heavy objects launching the player into the air upon being thrown
  • Fixed ludicrously loud TV static that didn't have a proper distance falloff
  • Increased overall voice volume of AI
  • Lowered volume of player footsteps
  • Removed the ability to hide by standing on top of the Pilea plant
  • Fixed not being able to exit the car in deep water.
  • Fixed being frozen if unable to exit the car due to being surrounded by geometry
  • Fixed a visible dev texture on a Hallway room variant
  • Fixed AI getting stuck near the crawlspace entrances at the front porch of Hook Mansion
  • Keepsakes now highlight red on the pawn shop receipt
  • Fixed most instances where the bag would appear while using other tools
  • Fixed hand not showing on top of the Controls menu
  • Fixed an issue where AI would hyperfixate on fixing a door or window rather than being alerted
  • Fixed an issue where Ordinance perks did not properly affect most level AI
  • Fixed not being able to grab items in the back of the Oven

Known issues:

  • Tooltips in the tutorial and main game reference the keyboard default controls only
  • The Bag will still randomly appear and disappear after mantling.
  • Sounds continue after extraction
  • AI will sometimes become fascinated by certain closets and corners. Still investigating this issue.
  • Overclocking your GPU may cause Keepsake County to crash.
  • Certain heavy objects appear to drop out of the players hands while carrying them after a long period of time


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Version 20 Jul 31, 2023

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