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Keepsake County is currently in Public Beta, with four regular levels, three story levels, and one guided tutorial. Owners will get all updates, including the final game, for free.

Read about the update here.

Burglarize hideous farmhouses in the middle of nowhere and get outta dodge.

You have moments before the cops arrive to rob a procedurally-generated house that you've never seen before. If you're caught, residents will call the police  even sooner... or take the law into their own hands.

  • Loot wacky cartoon houses from the safety of your home! Lockpick, cut the power, tie up residents, and steal everything that isn't nailed down.
  • Park your car out of sight to avoid detection, or at the front door for a quick getaway. Crank your handbrake to drift back onto the highway!
  • Don't get too cozy: houses take on a different configuration every round, with new themes, layouts, and hauls for you to get acquainted with.
  • These hand-drawn residents may not be the smartest, but they aren’t dumb. Denizens hear noises, see lockpicked doors, notice large stolen items, and will call the police - or hunt you themselves.
  • Enter wherever, and leave whenever: Climb in through the basement, or take a trampoline straight to the roof! Get the midnight bonus for leaving early, or evade the cops for more loot.
  • Level up your gear from the Town Hub between runs with perks - lockpick faster, delay the cops’ arrival, or unlock special tools!

  • Mac & Linux (eventually, and a release to Steam)
  • More characters
  • More rooms, floors, and house exterior variations
  • New loot
  • New artpass updates (furniture, textures, etc)
  • New music
  • More animations
  • Story mode
  • Bug fixes (duh)
  • Requested features from players (yes, that's what the Beta is also for!)
  • And more!

We'll be updating the game every few weeks with new fixes, features, artpass updates, and more. The name of this page will change as we progress through changes: Keepsake County Beta will eventually become "Keepsake County" upon release. Don't worry about having to buy new versions.


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game (in beta) you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Beta-0.69.6.zip 1.4 GB
Version 28
Alpha-0.46.zip 942 MB

Download demo

0.69.3 Demo with Architect, Hook Mansion, Babysitter 1.3 GB
Version 1

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Game is on Steam?

Demo is on Steam, full beta version is here until it is finished.

Hi hi, I played the demo on steam and it felt super neat. Quick question- if you buy the game here on Itch, will you get a free steam key once you launch there?



Cool! Ty for the quick response. Gave your game a buy and looking forward to seeing it appear on Steam eventually.

Aw thanks! Hope you enjoy it!


Was just lurking the stealth games subreddit looking for new/obscure stealth games and saw this. Pretty fun. Reminds me of Thief Simulator but with more personality. I dig it. Wishlisting on Steam right now.


Thanks for the kind words! And for the wishlist :)


nice funny


Fun game, love the art style and setting. Would be good to have some sort of tutorial even for a demo as it took me a while to figure out how to get in the houses. Plus once getting caught the police arrive almost instantly and they can be ran past for a quick escape.

Overall love the idea and execution. Can't wait to see how it evolves

Hey Layers! Thanks for playing and the feedback, glad you're enjoying it! There currently is a tutorial - right under the "Play Demo" button, in the main menu.

We're taking any and all feedback - thanks for your thoughts on the cops arriving.


don't know how I missed that, thanks. 

Also the driving is really enjoyable it'd be great to have more of it eg. driving around scoping houses like "Thief Simulator" and escaping the police


This is SUCH a fun game and full of potential! Its a fun little twist on the stealth game, I spoke about my thoughts in this weird games video, where it was the second one I played! I'd love if there was some type of mode where you had more than 4 minutes, seeing how far you could get without a time limit? Idk! Can't wait to see how this keeps evolving!

Wow, thanks for playing and making a video! Genuinely a delight to watch somebody play it live. So glad you liked it and the art! This was really valuable to seeing how we pace the tutorial too - we put controls for the ladder in, but not next to the ladder. And also to fix some of the driving mechanics like the ditch! That's definitely a bug.

Right now as of 0.52, you can play for longer than 4 minutes but the cops arrive on an automated burglar alarm and you make less money. Previously we had a hard cutoff of 4 minutes that simply ended the map - we felt like this was a compromise between those who wanted to stealth through the whole thing and people who wanted to speed through. I think we'll continue tweaking this particular point more and more as we get more feedback.


What is the minimum system requirements to play this game I have Intel UHD 620 and I want to Know the minimum system requirements so I can Play. PLEASE REPLY.

I'll be honest, we don't know yet since it's super early days, but it's built in unity and that manages to run on quite a few platforms. I looked up your graphics specs from that - if it can run TF2 I would be pretty surprised if it can't run this, but I would understand if the sprites give it trouble. I hope that's a helpful answer.


AMAZING DEMO! I was lucky enough to grab the last free copy but I might go back and pay for it because I just love it so much. 

I'm a sucker for games that use a low poly aesthetic + 2D sprites for characters and this one uses it to great effect, the graphics have lots of personality.

I came across a couple bugs while playing it, but that's to be expected of a game so early in development so no biggie:

Touching a ladder while carrying a heavy object (even if the ladder is just laying on the ground) causes your hands to show up while you're still holding the object. I also had an issue with the big ladder clipping through the ground and disappearing when I tried to jump from it. And once I clipped through the floor of the house when jumping down from a window. I have had no luck replicating these last two issues, but the first one happens relatively regularly. 

Thanks so much for the detailed big descriptions, that helps so much in fixing it!! And we're so thankful you're enjoy it and for the kind words :) We'll get that fix in soon 🥰