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The Neighbors is a randomly-generated immersive sim about burglarizing hideous midwestern farmhouses in the middle of nowhere, as fast as you can, and then getting the heck out of dodge.

The catch? You have 4 minutes to scout and rob a house you've never been inside of before. If you're caught, AI will call the police on you.

Every round, the house takes on a new configuration, with different entrances, hallways, and loot.

The Neighbors is currently in Public Alpha, with one playable area and one basic tutorial.

So what's on the horizon?

For now, the Alpha is free for the first group of players. As the game gets more popular, we'll start charging for access to the game.

Upcoming features:

  • Mac & Linux (eventually, and a release to Steam)
  • Aggressive Civilian AI
  • More characters
  • More rooms, floors, and house exterior variations
  • New Loot
  • New artpass (furniture, textures, etc)
  • New Music
  • More Animations
  • Story Mode
  • Bug Fixes (duh)
  • Requested features from players (yes, that's what the alpha is also for!)
  • And more! That we are strategically waiting to share.

We'll be updating the game every 1-2 weeks with new fixes, features, artpass, and more.

The best way to report bugs and give feedback on the game is through our Discord, at discord.gg/forwardinstinct.

5/22/2022 MAJOR UPDATE

Hey y'all, we've hit a major milestone with House Generation. Over the past couple weeks we've been cooking some major changes - I'm just gonna chop the preamble short and start with the patch notes

    • Added Basement to house
    • Added Second Floor to house
    • Added Attics & Dormers to house
    • Added foundation-level entry to house
    • Added decks and balconies to house
    • Returned the Big Ladder to the scene, for allowing access to the roofs and balconies.
  • Added garage, carport entry to house
  • Added new rooms:
    • Basement main floor
    • Basement Storage Room
    • Basement Grow Room
    • Basement Dark Room
    • Powder room + closet combo
    • Bathroom
  • Added new NPC character to house - this will be evolving into the Aggressive NPC that many have been requesting
  • Cops are now nearly fully animated, with a gun-aiming animation.
  • Doors and windows can now, in any part of the house, spawn locked or unlocked.
  • Doors and windows now animate smoothly when opening and shutting
    • Updated crawlspace sliding door to work more smoothly
  • ALL LOOT NOW SPAWNS FROM A POOL. This means every room has different loot, in different places, every time.
    • Added two new circular rugs
    • Added 5 new hanging clothing loots
    • Added photos that can be found
    • Added tissues, alarm clock, cereal, cereal bowl, plates, stack of plates, and stack of books to loot pool.

So what does this all mean? Well, essentially, we've hit Maximum House Size. This represents probably the largest house, by number of rooms, that we'll allow in the game. The house can spawn as:

  • Main floor, 8 rooms.
  • Main floor + basement, 16 rooms.
  • Main Floor + Second Floor, 14 rooms.
  • Main Floor + basement + second floor, 22 rooms.

We'll also, clearly, need to perform some optimization as well since performance chugs a little bit on a Surface Book 2 when playing through a mansion-sized house.

With this update, we've also added way more points of entry and methods of navigating the house.

  • Enter through front doors
  • Enter through windows on the first floor via stepladder (or climbing onto your car)
  • Enter through the garage
  • Drop through the basement by sliding in through a window or crawlspace door (careful... you may have a hard time getting out!)
  • Enter through the second floor via balcony
  • Drop into the house through a Dormer entry
  • Drop into the house by climbing through a dormer, then using the trapdoor in the Attic (after you loot it, of course)
  • Sneak between rooms via the crawlspace doors to the bathroom, powder room, and closets

This update highlights some additional changes we need to make. Coming soon are:

  • Changes to lighting
  • Room and 3D Prop Artpass
  • Ladder climbing/placement mechanics
  • Item throwing mechanics
  • AI interaction with the Car
  • Tying tool interaction, and ties you can find in the level...
  • A new tool?
  • More new changes?

We hope you enjoy! As always, discuss the update at the Forward Instinct Discord and be sure to leave us any bugs you find! We'll have another update in the next week or so, with a particularly massive update coming before June 13th.


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Fun game, love the art style and setting. Would be good to have some sort of tutorial even for a demo as it took me a while to figure out how to get in the houses. Plus once getting caught the police arrive almost instantly and they can be ran past for a quick escape.

Overall love the idea and execution. Can't wait to see how it evolves

This is SUCH a fun game and full of potential! Its a fun little twist on the stealth game, I spoke about my thoughts in this weird games video, where it was the second one I played! I'd love if there was some type of mode where you had more than 4 minutes, seeing how far you could get without a time limit? Idk! Can't wait to see how this keeps evolving!

What is the minimum system requirements to play this game I have Intel UHD 620 and I want to Know the minimum system requirements so I can Play. PLEASE REPLY.

I'll be honest, we don't know yet since it's super early days, but it's built in unity and that manages to run on quite a few platforms. I looked up your graphics specs from that - if it can run TF2 I would be pretty surprised if it can't run this, but I would understand if the sprites give it trouble. I hope that's a helpful answer.


AMAZING DEMO! I was lucky enough to grab the last free copy but I might go back and pay for it because I just love it so much. 

I'm a sucker for games that use a low poly aesthetic + 2D sprites for characters and this one uses it to great effect, the graphics have lots of personality.

I came across a couple bugs while playing it, but that's to be expected of a game so early in development so no biggie:

Touching a ladder while carrying a heavy object (even if the ladder is just laying on the ground) causes your hands to show up while you're still holding the object. I also had an issue with the big ladder clipping through the ground and disappearing when I tried to jump from it. And once I clipped through the floor of the house when jumping down from a window. I have had no luck replicating these last two issues, but the first one happens relatively regularly. 

Thanks so much for the detailed big descriptions, that helps so much in fixing it!! And we're so thankful you're enjoy it and for the kind words :) We'll get that fix in soon 🥰